Um Carro Autónomo Open Source

A Udacity lançou um programa para construir um automóvel autónomo open source. Esse programa vem na forma de um curso no qual os alunos podem aprender sobre este novo paradigma e contribuir para o objectivo final: um projecto de construção de um carro autónomo totalmente open source.

Another player wants to make its own self-driving car, and not for the reason you’d think. Udacity plans to build an autonomous vehicle and completely open-source the whole design. This isn’t about charity or generosity, it’s about education. The company is working with Didi Chuxing, Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia and Otto to architect a self-driving “nanodegree” program. Udacity offers higher education programs that it creates alongside its partners.

The company wants people to actually build their own self-driving cars, ramping up homegrown self-driving projects. More than just vehicle plans, it will also be releasing driving data and the necessary code.

Udacity Is Building a Self-Driving Car, and They’re Opensourcing It [Futurism]