UK: Apple Watch proibido em reuniões de ministros

Já antes tinham sido proibidos os telemóveis e agora é a vez dos “smartwatches” (segundo consegui apurar, o relatório apenas menciona os Apple Watch).

A Primeira Ministra britânica receia que os russos consigam “hackar” os relógios da Apple e escutar as conversas dos ministros.

The Telegraph:

Under David Cameron, several cabinet ministers wore the smart watches, including Michael Gove, the former Justice Secretary.

However, under Theresa May ministers have been barred from wearing them amid concerns that they could be used by hackers as listening devices.

Mobile phones have already been barred from the Cabinet because of similar concerns.

One source said: “The Russians are trying to hack everything.”


Apple Watches banned from Cabinet after ministers warned devices could be vulnerable to hacking [The Telegraph]

Foto: raneko