Rejeitar o procedimento voluntário de passar por uma máquina que consegue ver através da roupa

Matthias Kirschner, presidente da Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), foi apanhar o avião no aeroporto Berlin Schönefeld e, por experiência, recusou-se a passar nos full body scanners, aqueles aparelhos que conseguem ver o corpo da pessoa por baixo da roupa e que servem para detectar objectos proibidos. Até chegar aos scanners, existem vários sinais que indicam que a passagem pelos mesmos é voluntária, mas todo o interrogatório que lhe foi feito leva a crer o contrário.

On my travel to the OGP summit in Paris I experienced how it works when you reject the voluntary naked scanner/body scanner. There are signs before security that this scan is voluntary and that you should tell the security personnel if you do not want it. That is what I did, and here my memorandum of what happened at Berlin Schönefeld this morning.

Then the second officer brought me to my luggage, and asked me to unpack everything to have another scan of my belongings. During that he asked me why I refused the “body scanner” and there was some back and forth. As always I stayed friendly all the time, as I know that for the officers my behaviour meant more work, and that they are following orders. He explaining me they just see the contours and nothing else. I told him, that I do not trust what data of my body shape is saved and where it is stored. During the talk I also told him that what they see on their screens, and what is saved on the disk can be different things, and that just because they cannot access files from before does not mean they are not stored.

In the talk he explained me that they have to ask for the reasons why I am not doing the (see above “voluntary”) check, and evaluate if this is plausible or if I am covering-up something. Pregnancy or implants would be a plausible reason. When I asked about data protection he said that is not a plausible reason, and that in such cases they would also have to ask the police to check you again.After my luggage was scanned the second time, and I had all my belongings in the bag again they said they will now have to do the testing for signs of explosives. I told them that I was already checked for that, but they said that now my luggage will be checked. Well, so be it, another check and I can assure you that I am now quite sure that neither I nor my belongings I were in contact with explosives recently.

Rejection of voluntary naked scanner at airport [Matthias Kirschner]