IBM bate novo recorde: mais de 8 mil patentes registadas em 2016

A IBM já era campeã no registo de patentes – durante 24 anos consecutivos esteve sempre no primeiro lugar. Em 2016 registou nada mais nada menos do que 8008 em diversas áreas de inovação.

More than 8,500 IBM inventors are responsible for the company’s record-breaking tally, residing in 47 states and territories and 47 countries. New York was the most prolific area with over 2,700 patents granted, followed by California and Texas with over 1,000 patents each.

The other nine companies in the top ten list of 2016 US patent recipients consist of: Samsung electronics (with 5,518 patents), Canon (3,665), Qualcomm (2,897), Google (2,835), Intel (2,784), LG Electronics (2,428), Microsoft (2,398), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (2,288) and Sony (2,181).

IBM Becomes First Tech Company To Get 8,000 Patents In One Year [Sam Pudwell, Silicon]

Via Slashdot

Foto: IBM, Martin sob licença CC BY-NC 2.0