Estes óculos de sol captam energia solar

Desenvolvidos pelo Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), estes óculos servem para demonstrar a capacidade das células solares orgânicas semitransparentes na captação de energia solar.

As lentes destes óculos estão revestidas com células solares orgânicas e a energia captada pelas mesmas serve para alimentar um microprocessador e dois pequenos ecrãs, presentes nas hastes, que apresentam a temperatura ambiente e a intensidade da iluminação solar.

Estes óculos de sol servem apenas para demonstrar a flexibilidade destas células orgânicas que facilmente se adaptam não só a nível de cor e transparência, mas também à forma e tamanho da solução final.

“The Solar Glasses we developed are an example of how organic solar cells may be employed in applications that would not be feasible with conventional photovoltaics,” stresses PhD student Dominik Landerer who largely contributed to the development of the solar glasses at the Material Research Center for Energy Systems of KIT. In the eyes of the engineer, these solar cells, which are based on hydrocarbons, are very exciting devices due to their mechanical flexibility and the opportunity to adapt their color, transparency, shape, and size to the desired application.

Está na hora de usar este tipo de soluções em edifícios envidraçados.

According to Colsmann, another field of application is the integration of solar cells into buildings: Since the glass facades of high-rise buildings must often be shaded, it is an obvious option to use organic solar modules for transforming the absorbed light into electric power. A future vision for the engineer, who works on the basic understanding of organic solar cell and semiconductor components at the Material Research Center for Energy Systems, is to coat large surfaces with organic solar cells using reel-to-reel technology.


Fonte: KIT Press Release 093/2017, Solar Glasses Generate Solar Power

Fotografia: KIT